GreenItaly1 Raises €35M on AIM Italia to Invest in Green Economy Companies

GreenItaly1 S.p.A., a special purpose acquisition company, recently raised €35m on AIM Italia.

The placement of ordinary shares and warrant was subscribed by Italian and foreign professional investors.

Promoted by Vedogreen (IR Top), Idea Capital Funds SGR (DeA Capital/De Agostini) and Matteo Carlotti, GreenItaly1 focuses on investing in Italian unlisted, medium sized companies operating in green economy sectors such as agribusiness, ecobuilding, ecomobility, environmental services, green chemistry, lighting solutions, smart energy, waste management, water, air, noise treatment and white biotech.
The company does not invest in sectors such as real estate, finance, power generation (from renewable resources) startups and soes not provide turnaround financing.



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