Intertwine Raises €110K in Funding

Logo IntertwineIntertwine, a Fisciano (Salerno), Italy-based provider of a web platform that allows users to create, share and publish multimedia publishing products in a collaboration-oriented environment, raised €110k in funding.

56Cube, the venture incubator of innovative digital startups based in Southern Italy – established by Digital Magics, the certified incubator listed on AIM Italia of Borsa Italiana (ticker: DM), made the investment.

The company intends to use the funds to accelerate the growth and the production process.

Led by CEO Gianluca Manca, Salvatore Imparato, Gennaro Mangani and Stefano Imparato, Intertwine is developing an entertainment product that combines the features of traditional printed products with digital communication and social networks.
The concept includes the “plotter” who creates the work’s plot making it available to the community for continuing the project and the “bricker”, the community which develops and shares bricks (texts, audio, video, pictures).
After completion of the creation process, the plotter will select the most appropriate bricks and will create an “intertbook”, a multimedia piece of work, which will be distributed in digital delivery mode and generate revenues for the plotter for each bricker which has participated in the project and for the platform.
The beta version is online and provides key social capabilities such as comments, notifications, likes, sharing within the platform and sharing in social networks, writing tools such as notes and the preview of the multimedia work.



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