EducationSuperHighway Receives $9M Investment

educationsuperhighwayEducationSuperHighway, a San Francisco, CA-based¬†nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing high speed broadband to the nation’s K-12 public schools, received a $9m investment.

Backers included Mark Zuckerberg‘s Startup:Education, the Gates Foundation and other foundations and education entities.

The nonprofit intends to use the proceeds to accelerate their ability to raise awareness, reform policy and assist school districts with upgrades.

Led by Evan Marwell, CEO, and Jonathan Kaplan, Board Chairman, EducationSuperHighway operates data-driven programs designed to help superintendents and policymakers identify which schools need to be upgraded, understand what needs to be upgraded in each school and lower the cost of those upgrades.
It is doing it by encouraging state and local policy makers to take an inventory of the Internet access available to their students by participating in its free National SchoolSpeedTest and school superintendents and school board members to contact their local representatives to voice their support for modernizing the E-rate program.



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