Cloudstaff Closes AUD$500K Seed Funding

cloudstaffCloudstaff, an Australian based outsourcing company, closed an AUD$500k seed funding round.

Backers included Robert Whyte, Trevor Kennedy and serial entrepreneur Bevan Slattery.

The company intends to use the funds to expand its business focusing on the following four major growth paths:
– New and organic growth within Australian, UK and US customer bases
– Developing opportunities within the existing Cloudstaff customer base
– Acquisition of smaller Philippines based outsourcing companies, and
– Acquisition of Australian companies in the Philippines who struggle to grow and maintain their offices there.

Led by CEO Lloyd Ernst, Cloudstaff is a global provider of offshore and outsourcing services to help small start-up and large businesses all over the world focus on their bottom lines to reduce costs and energy by shifting time intensive tasks to more cost effective locations, and allowing local staff to focus on running the business.
The company has offices in the Philippines, United Kingdom, China and Australia.



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