CEPT Raises €1.5M in Funding

CEPT Systems GmbH, a Vienna, Austria-based text-processing technology start-up, raised a total of €1,5m in seed funding.

Backers included Reventon B.V. (CZ) and Zirngast GmbH (AT).

The company intends to use the funds to enter in the worldwide natural language processing market in 2014, beginning with solutions for enterprise search and website search.

founded in 2011 by Francisco De Sousa Webber and Daniel Schreiber, CEPT Systems is a science-based startup with the mission to develop and commercialize a patent pending technology: the CEPT-Retina, which converts words into semantic fingerprints, allowing users to find documents based on their meaning.
A first prototype that verified and refined the theoretical concept was developed in 2012 was supported by Austrian government funding.

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