Pluralsight Acquires Tekpub

Pluralsight, an online training platform, acquired Tekpub, a provider of technical screencasts for programmers.

The acquisition, whose amount was not disclosed, aims to reinforce Pluralsight as the online destination for all programming and IT training needs.

Following the transaction, Tekpub’s screencasts on C#, Ruby, JavaScript and others will be integrated into Pluralsight’s course library. Earlier this month, Pluralsight completed the integration of all content from its previous acquisitions — open-source resource PeepCode and IT training network TrainSignal — expanding its online platform to more than 1,100 courses for more than 400,000 tech professionals across 100 countries.

Rob Conery, co-founder and creative director of Tekpub, will continue to author training courses on Microsoft technologies, open source and his other specialties.

Led by Aaron Skonnard, CEO, Pluralsight a global provider of online training for software developers and IT pros with a network of more than 330 expert authors for professional development. More than 4,500 corporate members (including HP, Intel, Capgemini, Schlumberger, Citigroup, Accenture, State Farm, Fidelity and Philips 66) currently use its training library.



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