Intersoft Evrasia Raises $1M in Funding

OJSC Intersoft Evrasia, a Moscow, Russia-based operator and developer of DO-RA project, raised $1m in funding.

Backers included Skolkovo Fund and SmartLogic Group.

The company intends to use the funds to develop a new Do-Ra device prototype.

Established in March 2011 by Vladimir Elin, Intersoft Evrasia develops innovative products for smartphones. Its new device will be a domestic, wide-range and cross-platform device with a dosimeter-radiometer function DO-RA.Si with a solid silicon (Si) sensor. It will have inductive charging and work via wireless electronic protocols Bluetooth Low Energy, NFC with all mobile devices.
From the launch of the product, a line of devices for different types of Smartphones and a number of mobile applications DO-RA.Soft GM with interface in 23 languages for platforms such as iOS, Android, WP7, JavaME, BlackBerry, Symbian, Bada, as well as for OC: Windows/Linux/MacOS, were developed.
Within the frame of the project, the company received 24 patents and certificates in Russia and first international patent in Ukraine with patents in Korea, Japan, the US and European Union to be issued.



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