Direct Dermatology Receives $240K in Funding

Direct Dermatology, a Palo Alto-based physician-owned telemedicine company that provides online dermatology consultative services, has received $240k in funding from the California HealthCare Foundation‘s Health Innovation Fund. Led by co-founder and CEO Dr. David Wong, Direct Dermatology combines a secure, web-based technology platform with a team of US board-certified Dermatologists to provide for rural and underserved patients with assistance in the diagnosis and management of skin diseases. The solution provides rural and community clinics with much needed access to board-certified Dermatologists without up-front investments other than a digital camera, computer and internet connection. According to a written statement, patients seen by Direct Dermatology receive a diagnosis and management plan within 72 hours of case submission. FinSMEs 06/12/2011

One comment

  • Interesting if not novel concept. It’s unclear from their website what their fee structure is like. Is their dermatology service on a user pays basis or is it funded by private insurance? Is medicare involved?

    Good luck to them, at leas this is some way to improve the rural medical service. Shame you can’t have tele-surgery (yet)

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