HepatoChem Receives $100K Investment from Heartland Bridge Capital

HepatoChem, Inc., a Cambridge, MA-based company that provides pharmaceutical and biotech companies with means to access to small molecule metabolites in quantities needed in the drug development process, has received a $100k initial investment from private equity firm Heartland Bridge Capital, Inc. (OTCBB:HLBC).

The company intends to use these funds to commercialize its technology.

Led by founder and CEO Marc Bazin, HepatoChem has developed a platform that uses biomimetic catalysts to mimic the metabolic function of the liver. Developed in collaboration with Professor John Groves at Princeton University, the technology is designed to enable quicker and cost-effective production of metabolites.

Heartland Bridge Capital, which focuses on developing a portfolio of investments in emerging technologies, intends to provide HepatoChem with up to $400k of equity capital. It is led by CEO James F. Groelinger.



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