Daniel Haarburger Raises nearly $60K through Kickstarter; Launches Ethic

Daniel Haarburger, a 19-year old Stanford student, recently raised nearly $60,000 through crowd-funding site Kickstarter.

The funds are being used to launch WINGStand, an eco-friendly (it is crafted from recycled plastic) compact clip that unites a multi-touch device, such as an iPad or iPhone, with a full-size bluetooth keyboard.
The WINGStand supports all device orientations, plus the shapes and sizes of most tablets, smartphones and e-readers, and pairs with a full-sized wireless keyboard so users can type naturally like they would on any other computer.

Haarburger raised funding through Kickstarter, over the course of seven weeks, with over 1,500 early supporters and more than 2,500 units pre-sold (read here).

To bring his products to market, in August 2011, he launched Ethic LLC.¬†Michael Rosenblatt (Apple, Samsung), Lissa Lowe (Apple, Intel, Levi Strauss) and Chris Byrn (Hewlett-Packard, National Semiconductor, Tessera) sit on Ethic’s Advisory Board.



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